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Aerial Production


Creating a storyboard for a shot sequence is a critical step in drone production because there are many variables and flight plans.

Flight Conditions

Any airborne vehicle has limitations including weather, local and federal airspace restrictions, visibility, radio interference, line of sight, battery capacity, GPS lock, radio frequency interference, terrain, altitude, etc.

Production Costs

Aerial production costs include vehicle rental, FAA licensed pilot, camera gimbal, operator, director of photography, travel and expenses location.


CNN is licensed by the FAA and international equivalents to operate drones and has flown over 200 missions, 900 flights, 200 hours of footage captured with 0 incidents. We have awards and experience and regulatory relationship trust U.S. and our domestic and international network consists of dozens of aerial imaging experts.

Footage Specs

CNN Air has the capability to record in ultra high definition 4k-8k utilizing industry standard cameras. 360 VR cameras and thermal imaging cameras are also available. Live broadcast options are also available.

Drone vs. Helicopter

While there are applications and benefits to using various airborne vehicles to shoot aerial footage, one must consider story needs, budget, maneuverability, flight time, regulatory clearance, etc. The CNN Air fleet includes more than 20 types of drones and 2 unmanned minicopters.

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