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The CNN Collection team is comprised of expert researchers with diverse backgrounds including: library sciences, archive preservation and research, content and media production, and other complementary disciplines.

To find the perfect footage you’re looking for, in the timeframe you desire, our research team mines public, government, and proprietary databases and also engages our extended team at the news media powerhouse that is “CNN.”

Our clients often consider CNN Collection researchers an extension of their team – this creates an environment for better storytelling, faster workflow, and generally a much more efficient production.

Whether you’re in the early phases of your production – concepting, storyboarding, pitching; or on-set looking for archival, branded, or b-roll to complement and add credibility to your principal photography; or, in post-production, working on framing your narrative, our research team is ready to partner with you and take your vision to the next level.

Ask your licensing agent about our professional research services for your next production.